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Document Management

Document Management

Document Management is becoming more and more important in the running of a business these days. The "paperless" office is becoming more and more of a reality as the digital age begins to mature. All information can now be stored electronically, and most businesses will be storing a certain amount on their office systems.

As the amount of information stored in this way grows, it becomes more important to be able to file it in a simple and logical manner so that information can be retrieved quickly and easily. how much information do you need to store for a customer? Their name and address is obviously an important first step, but how much information will be generated in dealing with that customer? There are likely to be emails, telephone conversations, letters, faxes, even voice mail messages which you need to store.

Document Management provides facilities to be able to store all this different information within one place, and then be able to view all the required information for a particular client from one place - so if you get a call from a client, you can immediately see the communications that you have previously had with them, whether is was a mailed letter, or a received email, or a telephone conversation.

Document Management takes away the headache of having to remember where a particular document was stored - and because you can view the information in different ways it allows you to see, for example, all the emails that you have received from a client, or all the letters that have been mailed to a client.

Document Management is an important part in the day-to-day running of a business and is central to providing good customer relationships - if you don't currently have any document management software, then perhaps it's time for you to consider it. Your initial investment will quickly be returned through the time saved in dealing with document administration, with the added advantage that you will be building a clear and concise picture of your communications with each of your customers.

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