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How Software Can Help Your Business

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Date Published: May 2002


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Computers are everywhere nowadays, but do you really need one to help you run your business? Or maybe you e already using one, but are you getting the most out of it?

Computers have enabled us not only to create printed documentation more quickly, but we can all produce professional, quality documents from our own office. In addition we can store all these documents so that we can retrieve them at a later date.

Computers also allow us to communicate quickly and easily using email, and again the information can be stored so that it can quickly and easily be achieved.

Software Packages
There are many many different software packages on the market today, providing different facilities from Contact Management and Customer Relationship Management, to Sales Management and Accounting Software packages. If you pick the right software solution, then your business efficiency can improve by 100 times almost overnight. Why?

Heres an example. You currently have a computer, and you produce all your letters using Microsoft Word, and when you save a document you save it in a folder for the client to whom the letter relates. If you need to refer back to a letter for a client you can easily find it because you know which folder its in. Right? Right!

Now assume that you also need to do the same for the emails that you send and receive to/from a client. Suppose you use Outlook Express to do this. You can create folders in here to store all the emails to and from an individual client, so no problem. Right? Well, yes, right.

Now what about telephone conversations. Do you store them? Where do you store them? More folders right?

And what about Invoices?

And what about Payment chasers?

Things are starting to become a little more complicated. Right? Yep, right! What you are really needing is a Business Management Software package. But hang on, you e only a small business, do you really need one? And more importantly, can you afford one?

The answer to both is YES!

Business Management software provides centralised areas for storing and accessing all different types of information relating to an individual client. See the
Contact Management Software and Customer Relationship Management articles for more details.

Efficiency and Flexibility - that´s how computers help.

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