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Integrated Business Software

Integrated Business Software

Integrated Business Software

You may already have software systems to help in the running of your business, but they don't "talk" to each other and you have to store the same data in more than one place. You have to manually check your invoices, inventory and stock, order fulfillments and so on. The support for your brand-name software is either awful or expensive, or very often both. You need more staff to complete the day to day running tasks of your business but training, people mistakes and costs are bringing you down. You don't have enough time for your family, you can't go for vacation without the worry it creates being more than the benefit of the break...

These issues stem from the fact that data concerning various facets of your business are not interconnected between each other.

The logical solution to the problem of disordered data is incorporation of all business information into a single system where it can be easily reached and correlated.

Integration of business software has been occuring over a number of years as different software packages have matured and needs and requirements of businesses has become identified and refined.

Many integrated software packages originally occured as one development company bought out another, and combined the functionality of the two separate packages into one. The principles behind this type of integration was good, but all too often the reality was not quite so good. This would be for two main reasons:

1. The buying company may not fully understand the processes and businesses that use the software that it has bought.

2. The integration was not given the additional investment of time and money to make the integration seamless and therefore worthwhile.

The end result would often be as you would expect - one software package which appeared to be two different packages "squashed" into one; which is exactly what they were.

Better integrated business packages have since evolved, which have been built from the bottom up, providing the architecture necessary to not only enable the integration of many different areas of a businesses processes but also allow for future expansion.

Ideally, integrated business software should be provided in a format whereby the client can select the different elements of the software that they will require. In this way, not only are they then able to have one software package to fulfill all of their requirements, but in addition they are not having to invest financially in software that they will not be using.

Integration of software can only be a good thing. Carefully designed software which has been implemented with thought will enable streamlining of a businesses processes which will increase efficiency an all areas that the software covers, leading to greater efficiency, and greater competitiveness.

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