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These are older archived articles that relate specifically to IT and Computer issues in reference to the small business.

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What is a Balance Sheet?
Date: October 2007
The Balance Sheet Even if you are no expert in accounting or bookkeeping, you may well have heard of a balance sheet. Accountants will use the term all the time when referring to a company´s accounts, and particularly so at the end of the financial year; the...

What Makes Good Software Great
Date: August 2007
What is "Great Software" As developers of software you would expect us to be able to answer the question of what makes good software great - and so we can - and as developers of business management software you would expect us to aim to produce only great software. Since...

What is a Nominal Ledger?
Date: March 2007
Business and Money If you look at even the most basic accounting package, they will usually have a Nominal Ledger. Well that´s great, sure, but what exactly is it?! The Nominal Ledger may sound like a rather difficult to understand accounting thing, but the...

What is Document Management Software?
Date: July 2006
Document Management is a term that has come more to the fore in recent years, and there appears to be a lot of companies touting Document Management Software that would, from what they say, appear to not only save your life, but save the world! But what exactly...

What is Contact Management Software?
Date: June 2006
You may have heard the term Contact Management Software being used everywhere, not just in the business environment but also in the home and leisure environment; but what exactly is it, and is it still as relevant in todays Business Management Software as it was...

What is Customer Relationship Management Software?
Date: June 2006
Customer Relationship Management software is often referred to as CRM software, and it is really essential for any small business as part of their overall Business Management software.

The Evolution of CRM
Customer Relationship Management (which we will...

Google Adword Relevancy Update
Date: July 2004
Google annoucement
Google have recently announced an update to their AdWords relevancy algorithm. The update has been made as part of Googles attempts to ensure that searchers receive the most relevant ads.

How does this affect the advertisers, Googles...

Google Local Search
Date: June 2004
The new buzz around the search engine optimisation world is Google Local Search. Whats it all about?

Google Local is designed to help Web users find LOCAL businesses by typing in not only the usual search term, but also a city name. How is this going to...

How Software Can Help Your Business
Date: May 2002
Computers are everywhere nowadays, but do you really need one to help you run your business? Or maybe you e already using one, but are you getting the most out of it?

Computers have enabled us not only to create printed documentation more quickly,...

Accounting with Computers
Date: March 2001
Accounts and machines
We all know that computers love numbers right? They can can go through them without even thinking! So why doesn everybody use a computer to help with their accounts?

The truth of the matter is that many people believe that accounting...

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