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Business Builder™ Order Manager
   Order Tracking and Processing

The Business Builder™ Order Manager allows the creation of Orders of different statuses, for example Quote, Estimate, Confirmed Order etc. You are able to specify any number of different Statuses to match your Order processing model.

Invoices can automatically be generated from Orders of specific statuses.

Products, Services and Stock Maintenance
The Order Manager includes a Products and Services database into which you can add all the Products and Services that you provide. For products that you hold in stock, you can specify your starting stock values, and your stock amounts will be updated as Order are created.

Each stock item can be assigned a short and long description, a cost, VAT Rate, a default Section to place it into on an Order, a Nominal Code, and where relevant the current number held in Stock.

Products and Services can be entered into different Folders, enabling you to logically store the items that you sell/provide, and thereby make it easier to locate those items once it comes to adding them to an Order.

By creating a database of all your Products and Services, and their asociated costs etc., it becomes a quick and easy task to create a new Order for a client.
Creating Orders
Creating a new Order for a Contact is a simple process of just clicking and dragging items from the Products and Services database onto an Order. Orders can quickly be created, with multiple items per Order, item quantities, VAT/Tax Rates, and Discount amounts or percentages.

Items will automatically be added onto the Order within sections, if sections have been specified. This can provide a simple way of splitting estimates, for example, into different sections. The total amount will be calculated, and the Order total displayed.

As an Order is created, and items are added, so the Stock Control system updates the amount of stock left available for the particular item.

The Order Manager allows for an Order to take one of any number of Statuses, which allows it to be tracked from creation through to invoicing - for example, an Order may start life as an initial Estimate before a job has been seen. It may then become a Quote once a job as been seen and properly costed. Once a client confirms a Quote, it may then become a Confirmed Order. Once the Confirmed Order is completed, it could then become a Completed Order, which can then be invoiced.

The Order Manager in Business Builder™ can be set up to work in the same way that you want to operate, demonstrating its flexibility.

Repeating Orders
Orders can easily be set up to repeat by specifying a repeat Schedule.

A repeat schedule can be setup to repeat from once a day, through to once every 100 years or more. Repeat Orders are extremely useful for situations such as annual memberships. The Repeat Order Manager enables you to see Repeat Orders that are becoming due, so if necessary reminders can be sent to these clients.
Emailing Orders
Orders can easily be emailed to a contact. By using the Contact's details from the Contact Manager, and combining this with Business Builder´s™ Email Template utilities, emails can be created with the Order documents attached at the click of a button, with no further typing of information required.

Integration with the Document Manager means that emails that are sent can automatically be stored with all other documents that have been sent to or received from a Contact.
Printing Orders
Order Document layouts can be defined using the in-built Report Manager, enabling any layout, including pictures and business logos.

Addresses are automatically formatted according to the address information, the country of the contact, and the address formatting information that is specified.

The Order Viewer
The Order Viewer allows you to view all Orders that have been created over a specific period of time, and to see their status, and whether or not they have been invoiced.

This gives you an overview of your Order Processing progress.
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