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Business Builder™ Accounts Software Module

       Easy to use, simple accounting.

Business Builder™ provides full accounting and bookkeeping facilities, which enable you to maintain full accounts, raise Invoices, chase debts, calculate VAT Returns, record Expenses, etc.

You can find more information on the invoicing software that Business Builder™ provides.

Details relating to the main areas of the Accounts Module are described below.
Management Accounts

The Accounts Software includes a financial summariser, which automatically produces summarised management accounts.

This information provides you with a total overview of where your money is coming from, where you are spending money, who owes money, etc.

The Management Accounts can be produced in HTML format, enabling you to send your full accounts to your accountant, which they can then view using any standard web browser.

Click to view a simple example of the [ Management Accounts ] produced.
Purchase Ledger / Purchase Daybook
The Purchase Ledger enables you to keep track of all your business expenses. By using the Nominal Ledger, you can track expenses by Nominal Code, as well as analyse costs across departments. Where Departmental budgets are in place, this enables you to identify those departments that are overspending, or are liable to overspend, and take the necessary action.

All payments made can have detailed information stored relating to how the payments were made (i.e. cash, cheque, Direct Debit etc.) in the same way as all incoming transactions.

The Purchase Ledger can be viewed by week, or month, or over any specified period of time, and includes a separation of Gross and Nett amounts spent.

In addition to this, Regular Expenses can be set up within the Purchase Ledger which can then automatically be added when they become due, or can quickly be added into the Purchase Ledger just by clicking and dragging the relevant items into the Ledger.

Sales Ledger
The Sales Ledger provides an overview of actual Sales made. This information can be viewed for any month or year. Intelligent data retrieval ensures that only the data that you want to view is retrieved, maximising the efficiency and speed.

An on-screen summary shows the total sales made, together with the total amounts of money actually received.

Repeat and New Business breakdowns allow you to see in the Sales Ledger how many of your sales are repeat business with an existing client, and how many are the result of new sales to new customers.
Debt Ledger
The Debt Ledger provides total Debt Management control and payment chasing facilities. You can view aged debts by period, and those payments that need chasing are identified, allowing Payment Chasers/Statements to be created at a click of a button. These can then be mailed or emailed to clients.

With the additional ability of being able to add notes to each overdue account, you are able to ensure that all information that relates specifically to the chasing of each payment is quickly to hand - which can be very useful when late payers start to tell you it's the first time they knew of the amount they owe!

The Debt Ledger also includes the ability to add interest to late payments according to the Statutory Right to Interest rules. And with the ability to be able to specify different payment chasers for different ages of debt, you can automatically send stronger worded chasers the older a debt becomes.
Creditors Ledger
The Creditors Ledger provides total creditor. You are able to view aged creditors by period, and those payments that are overdue are highlighted.

Close control of your creditors allows you to ensure that cashflow to your business remains healthy, whilst at the same time ensuring you keep your suppliers happy - a balance that can be difficult to achieve! Business Builder's Creditors Ledger provides the information to make it as simple as possible.
Journal Entries
Business Builder provides three different Journal Entry screens, allowing you to add different journal entries quickly and easily. The 'standard' screen allows you to specify a Journal Entry of as many transactions against as many Nominal Accounts as you like. This allows any eventuality to be dealt with.

In addition to this, a Bank Transfer journal entry screen, and a Payroll journal entry screen are provided to allow this information to be added more easily and quickly than via the standard screen.
Calculate VAT Returns
The VAT Return Calculator makes the submission of your VAT Return a two minute job! The calculator will operate on either Monies Invoiced or on Income Received, depending on your turnover.

Information is displayed on screen within the relevant boxes of your VAT Return, making it a simple matter to fill in the necessary details.

Information relating to previously submitted VAT Returns can be saved for future reference.
Nominal Ledger
The Nominal Ledger allows you to view all of your Nominal Accounts. From here you are also able to add additional Nominal Accounts, or edit existing accounts.

Simply by double-clicking on a Nominal Account, a new tab will open on the screen, allowing you to view all the transactions that relate to that Nominal Account for the period that you are currently viewing. You are even able to drill into the details of the each transaction, whether it be an invoice, journal entry, payment etc.

See our article What is a Nominal Ledger? for details on what a nominal ledger is and how it can help you with the management of your accounts.
Chart of Accounts
Business Builder allows you to define any number of layouts for different Charts of Accounts allowing you to easily view your business's financial data in different ways. The Chart Of Accounts is presented in a tree-structure, enabling you to drill down into a particular area of interest. You are even able to drill into the Nominal Account to view the individual transactions that make up the totals that you are seeing in the Chart Of Accounts.

See our article What is a Chart Of Accounts? for details on what a chart Of Accounts does and how it can help you in your management of your business.
Cash Flow Analysis
The Cash Flow Analyser will break down your cash flow into weeks or months, showing in graphical form the amounts coming in, the amount of expenditure, and the profit or loss per period. This enables you to easily identify those periods when cash flow is a possible problem, and to instigate preventative measures before they have a permanent negative effect on your business.
Cash Flow Forecasting
By analysing repeat Orders and regular Expense information, Business Builder can show you actual amounts of expected Income and Expenditure. Combined with the ability to be able to set up "what-if" scenarios, the Cash Flow Forecaster can highlight cashflow shortages well before they become an issue.
Bank Statements
The Bank Statements alllows you to see all transactions that relate to any of your bank accounts or credit card accounts over any given period, showing who the payment is from or to, the date, the amount, and the balance as at that date.

Full reconciliation facilities are available in "Reconciliation Mode", enabling you to easily match your incomings and outgoings with your bank statement and highlight any discrepancies.

Popup information allows you to quickly see the details that relate to any transaction, allowing you to easily find the information you need.

Business Management Software - FREE!
Business Management Software
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