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Business Builder - Free Version

       Free Business Management Software!

itzbITs are pleased to announce that they will soon be releasing a FREE version of Business Builder.

Register for your free copy of Business Builder

Who's it for?
The Business Builder Free version is aimed at small businesses who want to become more efficient and recognise that good software is a giant leap in this direction.

What does it include?
Primarily, the free version is a Customer Relationship Management package, which enables a business to store details relating to their customers, and prospective customers. It will also include:
  • Contact Manager
  • Target Group Manager
  • Integrated Diary
  • Letter Template Manager
  • Email Template Manager
  • Document Management system
  • Task Manager
  • Notes Manager
...which will enable you to immediately centralise your business information into one place.

Is Order Processing and Invoicing included?
Initially, Order Processing and Invoicing will not be provided with the free version - however once the free version is released, we will be offering these facilities at a reduced rate for users of the free version. So, once you've used the free version for a while, if you want to expand the system then you'll be able to do so at a fraction of the normal cost.

What support will I get with the free version?
We will be providing support via a dedicated User Forum, which will be specifically for users of the free version.

Will there be any limitations in the free version?
The free version will ONLY be available as a single user system and will only be able to be installed on a single machine (as opposed to on a network).

There will be a limitation on the number of contacts that you can add to the system. The exact figure has yet to be decided, but will be around 200.

Why are you giving away free software?
Because we're nice! Of course, we are also in business, and we can't give everything away for free, but we can afford to help small businesses to benefit from the software that we provide and help them to run efficiently and to grow. As your business grows, so you will need to expand your software. Business Builder is a modular tool, and as your requirements grow, so you can add to the software - some of which we will charge for, enabling us to stay in business!

How do I get my free copy?
The free version is due for release shortly. We will be releasing a limited number of free versions, but you can register with us to put yourself at the front of the queue.

Go to our [ registration form ] to register your interest with us.

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