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Business Builder™ Features

The main features of Business Builder™ are highlighted here. Business Builder™ is packed with loads of features to provide you with the functionality that you'll need, and allow you to tell the system to work the way you want it. There are too many to list verbatim, so these are the "highlights".

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Contact Management
Business Builder is a Contact focused management tool, and the Contact database is central to its operation. Personal Details, Business Details, Multiple Contact Addresses and Email Addresses provide the core details for maintaining and building your essential Prospect and Client database.
Accounts Management
Business Builder´s integrated Accounting Software provides additional facilities to the standard Invoicing and payment collection facilities. The Debt Ledger, for example, is a powerful feature, allowing you to quickly identify late payments, and send statements and payment chasers to customers with unpaid Invoices.

Business Builder provides all the facilities that you would expect, allowing you to keep close tabs on all of your accounts; the focus of all is to enable you to keep detailed and accurate records of all of your accounts in an easy, clear and straighforward way.

Management facilities such as the Chart Of Accounts and Nominal Ledger provide the means to know exactly where you business is financially.
Duplication Guards
Business Builder has two separate Duplication Guards that keep an eye on the Contact and Business Details as you enter new data. If they identify any information that is being entered as possibly already existing in the system, then they will show you the data that already exists, and whether the new information should be entered, or whether an existing record should be used.

Each Duplication Guard can be set up to determine how strict it is in identifying duplicate data, including the use of "Sounds Like" algorithms. IntelliMatch means it is even possible to ensure that data such as "Hertfordshire University" will be found as a duplicate against "The University of Hertfordshire".
Categories Manager
The Categories Manager enables any number of Category Groups to be added to Business Builder, and any number of Categories can be added to each Group. Categories can then be assigned to individual Contacts enabling you to describe your contacts, for example "Female decision maker in the North of England".
Target Group Manager
The Categories Manager enables any number of Category Groups to be added to Business Builder, and any number of Categories can be added to each Group. Categories can then be assigned to individual Contacts enabling you to describe your contacts, for example "Female decision maker in the North of England".
Diary and Task Management
The integrated Diary enables you to schedule Tasks that need to be completed, together with required completion dates, as well as keeping track of meetings with specific prospects or clients, or general events.

Diary Entries can be viewed by Day, by Week, or by Month.

Users can keep diary entries private, or make them available for other users to see, enabling them to know when their colleagues are unavailable, out of the office, on holiday, or just at lunch!
The Notes Manager enables you to keep notes relating to individual contacts so that they can quickly and easily be referred to at a later date. Notes can be arranged in a Folder structure, so that you can have separate notes relating to Finances, Order progress, current Sales pipeline status, or whatever you require.

The flexibility of the Notes module allows you to enter any number of notes, and a powerful search facility enables you to look for specific notes for a particular contact, or for all contacts.
Products / Services
(Stock Maintenance)
The Products and Services utility enables you to keep a database of the Products and/or Services that you provide, together with prices and, where relevent, stock levels. This enables Orders to be quickly and easily generated just by dropping the relevant Products or Services onto an Order without any typing.
Order Manager
The Order Manager enables you to quickly access existing Quotes, Estimates, and Orders for any given Contact, or to create new documents. Combined with the Products and Services utility, Orders can quickly be created, with multiple items per Order, item quantities, VAT/Tax Rates, and Discount amounts or percentages.

As an Order is created, and items are added, so the Stock Control system updates the amount of stock left available for the particular item.

Documents created with the Order Manager can be printed and mailed, or emailed directly in up to nine different formats, including Word and JPEG. Combined with the Email Templates facility, emailing a completed personalised email, with the relevant Order document attached can be completed in two button clicks, with no typing.

Order Document layouts can be defined using the in-built Report Manager, enabling any layout, including pictures and business logos. For confirmed Orders, Invoices can be raised at the click of a button.
Repeat Order Manager
The Order Manager includes a Repeat Order facility. This allows any Order that is created to be set up as a Repeat Order, together with a Repeat Schedule. This can be used, for example, where you are charging clients an annual fee, such as for a support contract.

The Repeat Order Manager identifies Repeat Orders that are becoming due, are now due, or are overdue, and allows renewal notices to be sent to clients where required. Repeat Invoices can be generated at the click of a button.
Invoice Manager
Invoices can be created automatically from the Order Manager, or can be created manually. Automated Invoice numbering maintains consecutive Invoice Numbers.

Multi-currency allows invoices to be created in any Currency.

Invoices can be printed and mailed, or in a similar fashion to the Order Manager, can be emailed directly. Again, a personalised email with the Invoice attached in up to nine different formats can be created and sent with just two button clicks. The Invoice Manager also allows you to quickly identify any Invoices that remain unpaid for a client. The Transaction Manager handles receiving multiple payments against an Invoice, as well as any Credits or Refunds. See below.
Transaction Manager
The Transaction Manager enables you to keep track of all payments that are received, and to which Invoice they relate.

For each payment received, detailed information can be stored such as how it was received (Cheque, Standing Order etc). In-built Credit Card validation checks that the Credit Card Number entered is valid, helping to prevent typing errors resulting in incorrect Card numbers from being entered. Validation routines for any Credit Card can be added to Business Builder.
Credit Limits / Payment Terms
You can specify a default Credit Limit in Business Builder that will apply to all Clients as well as different Credit Limits for different Clients. Similarly, default Payment Terms can be specified, such as 7 days, 30 days etc. as well as different Payment Terms for individual Clients.

It is possible to prevent Orders from being created for any Clients who are over their Credit Limit, and further Orders will only be able to be raised once their account has been paid.
Templates can be defined in Business Builder, which combined with their in-built mail-merge capabilities mean that it is possible to generate personalised letters, newsletters or other communications without the need to type any information more than once.

Email Templates can also be specified, which are used as the basis of email messages. Again, these have in-built mail-merge facilities enabling personalised emails to be sent to multiple contacts (such as a Target Group), but the message only needs to be typed once.
Multiple Users
Any number of Users can be assigned to be able to access Business Builder, together with a Password to provide system security and prevent unauthorised access to the data within the system. Where desired, a machine can be setup to automatically log into Business Builder, preventing the need to log in manually.
Personalising Business Builder
Users can specify their own settings within Business Builder, so that it operates in the way in which they want it to.

For Business Builder Enterprise, these settings will be available to the user, whichever machine they are using to access Business Builder. This enables each user to work as efficiently as possible and change the layout of screens to suit them, independantly of the physical computer that they use.
Business Builder provides users with administrator rights the ability to be able to grant or deny access to different areas of Business Builder, including the access to modules, or parts of modules. This facility not only allows the administrator to prevent a user from viewing or changing data which they shouldn't, it also means that a user will only be presented with those parts of Business Builder that are relevant to them. This make training learning the system much simpler, since the learning can be focused on only those parts of the system that they use.

Low level database access security settings allow administrators to define at the database level those tables that a user can Insert, Modify and/or Delete data from.
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Business Management Software
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Contact Management
Prospect/Client Database
Maintain Client Relationships
Order Manager
Process and Track Client Orders
Raise Invoices/Chase Debts
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Document Manager
Centralised document storage
Report Manager

"Business Builder™ offers you a saving of time and money providing you with a cost-saving integrated business solution."

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