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Overview of Business Builder™

Business Builder Business Management and Accounting Software
Business Builder™ is a business management software package designed specifically with the small to medium sized business in mind.

It pools, centralises and integrates your business information enabling you to share this information across your team and maximise its use, from meetings, tasks and communications through to orders, invoices, bookkeeping & accounts.

The BB Framework

At the heart of Business Builder™ is the Open Module Architecture. Business Builder™ uses this core to integrate the Business Builder Modules together into one easy to learn and easy to use Business Management Software package.

As additional Modules can be added at any time to your system, this enables Business Builder™ to expand and increase its functionality as you need it to - including the option of having modules developed specifically for you to address any unique aspects of your business.

So what does that mean in practical terms?!

There are three driving forces behind Business Builder -

    Efficiency, Functionality and Flexibility

Think of the tasks that you need to perform every day; telephone prospects, speak to clients, send emails, raise invoices, chase debts, write letters. Much of this work is repetitive but still takes time.

Efficiency is all about automating repetitive tasks.

Business Builder™ enables you to perform these repetitive tasks more quickly and easily. For example, when writing a letter, you can use a letter template which will automatically complete the contacts name and address, the salutation (i.e. Dear Mr. Smith), the date, and the signature and signoff. All you need to do is type in the actual contents of the letter. Then, when you print it, a copy of it is automatically stored in the Document Manager so when you next deal with this person, you can see what the last contact was, the type of contact (i.e. a letter), when it was sent, who sent it, and actual letter.

Just a simple example, but by striving for the ultimate efficiency, after using Business Builder™ for a short period of time you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Even the smallest business has a lot of work to perform, much of it being an overhead before you even begin to fulfill the actual provision of your products or services. Business Builder™ addresses not only these "overheads" but also the specific tasks that relate to the running of your particular business.

Functionality is about being capable of serving a purpose well.

By being an integrated business management software solution, Business Builder™ can provide this wide ranging functionality in an organised and structured way. In-depth solutions can be provided without the concern of providing a system that becomes too large and unwieldy; after all an unmanageable software package will mean that it is no longer efficient!

By ensuring that functionality and efficiency are congruent, Business Builder™ achieves a great deal with a very short learning curve required.

If efficiency is all about automating repetitive tasks, then flexibility is enabling the automation to occur in different ways, depending on the way in which you work.

Flexibility is about automating tasks the way you want to.

Business Builder™ provides a huge amount of flexbility in the way that it works to enable an efficient system that does not dictate to you how it works. Furthermore, Business Builder™ breaks the circle of flexibility and complexity.

Often, the more flexible something is, the more complex it is to use. Business Builder™ provides it's flexibility in an intuitive, easy to use manner, ensuring that you gain a system that works the way you want it to without having to resort to week long training sessions.

Business Builder's [ Features List ] will show you what the software provides in practical terms.

Business Management Software - FREE!
Business Management Software
We will soon be releasing a FREE version of Business Builder. Find out more about our limited free licences.

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"Business Builder™ offers you a saving of time and money providing you with a cost-saving integrated business solution."

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